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Sun Wind Chime


Relax to the soothing sound of a wind chime made from a real wine bottle! 

The glass circle is from the center part of a wine bottle.  The little dot of color in the middle of the ring are marbles that are melted together. 

This wind chime is made to go outside.  It can take up to 15 mph winds, however if it's making a crazy amount of noise, take it down.  Do not leave it outside in subzero temperatures.  It loves sheltered places like screened porches, spots protected from the wind or even indoors, where it might catch a breeze from a fan or an air vent.  Hang from a secure hook.

The fishing line used to hang is UV resistant and will last for a long time.

NOTE:  Color of ring will vary with each wind chime.

Made in the USA.


About 12" From Top at Hanging Point to Bottom

Shipping:  $9.95

Normally ships same or next day.

Sun Wind Chime