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Oval Lapis Pendant

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This necklace features a large lapis intricately wrapped in gold wire.  The necklace is gold filled.

The artist, Mikhail Zakhalov is inspired by the world of art, architecture and nature by an intricate way of communication with the ''ever obedient'' and innovative wire.

Mikhail was trained at the Odessa School of Art in Ukraine where he perfected his skills as a master jeweler.  He has been a jewelry designer in America for the past twenty years and has won many prestigious awards for his designs. 

He is also credited with mastering the reproduction of the famous and intricate Faberge Egg designs for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Made in the USA.

This is the actual piece you will receive.  

Necklace Length:  17" plus 2" Extender


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Oval Lapis Pendant

$179.95 Regular price $249.95